Login got slow with NFS on Solaris / Solaris 在mount了NFS时login变慢

Issue: Login got slow, su to normal user slow, but su to root not effected

检查:在/etc/profile添加检查点,发现原因是执行 /usr/sbin/quota 这一步时很慢,但是系统没有启用quota,只是挂接了NFS
Check: Add checkpoint to /etc/profile and found the step “/usr/sbin/quota” is very slow, but the system hasn’t quota set up, only mounted NFS

Reason: Normally, it’s ok without firewall, but it’s slow when the firewall blocks the rquotad packages

Solution: use noquota option to mount NFS, for example:
# mount -F nfs -o noquota server1:/dir1

登陆慢的另外一个原因也可能是你的DNS server没办法解析你的地址,把ip地址加入/etc/hosts即可

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