Solaris 10 network installation/网络安装提要

Server side
1. Find the mac address of client
2. Edit /etc/ethers, to add the MAC address into the file:
0:14:4f:79:b4:56        Meno
3. Add hostname and IP to /etc/hosts    Meno
4. Download the ISO files and mount
a. lofiadm -a /data/sol10-u11.iso

b.  lofiadm —–check result
c.  mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /a
5. Add client
cd /a/Solaris_10/Tools
./add_install_client Meno sun4u
6. Check NFS/RPC bind and NFS share
svcs -a | grep nfs
svcs -a | grep rpc/bind

online 21:46:22 svc:/network/rpc/bind:default
online 21:46:23 svc:/network/nfs/server:default
online 21:46:23 svc:/network/nfs/mapid:default
online 21:46:22 svc:/network/nfs/rquota:default
online 21:46:23 svc:/network/nfs/status:default
online 21:46:23 svc:/network/nfs/nlockmgr:default
online 21:46:22 svc:/network/rpc/bootparams:default
online 21:45:18 svc:/network/rarp:default
# share
–               /a   ro,anon=0   “”
{0} ok boot net – install

3 thoughts on “Solaris 10 network installation/网络安装提要

  1. Arturo

    We never did find a problem. We ended up gnitteg an old Dell and used that to be the imap server. I was never able to reproduce the problem in a non production environment. Though the problem did start happening when we brought the RAM from 8GB to 4GB.


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