3PAR 7200 setup and installation

Setup Procedure:

1. Physically cable the 3PAR, connect the mgt ports
2. Have a ESXi server in the same subnet, use Virtual Service Processor’s VOF template to deploy the VSP
3. In the console of VSP, use setupusr with blank password to setup the VSP IP
4. Use the SmartStart to connect to VSP to configure VSP and storage
5. Install management console to connect to storage for management

Change IP address of 7200

1. ssh to 3par 7200 storage with user 3paradm
2. setnet startaddr <old-IP> <new-IP> <new-subnet-mask>
3. setnet startgateway / setnet cleargateway
4. Now the storage listen to both new IP addresses and old address, try to ssh to new IP address to verify your IP
5. shownet will see the new IP verified, use ‘setnet finish’ to finish the configuration

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