sda must have a gpt disk label

安装RHEL时遇到sda must have a gpt disk label的错误,解决方法参考了:
I got error ‘sda must have a gpt disk label’ when I was installing RHEL 6.5 64bit. I got solution from the URL above

I. Press ‘CTRL+ALT+F2’ to get into cml

2.输入parted /dev/sda,进入parted状态,
II. Use ‘parted’ to enter ‘parted’, chose your disk

3.输入mklabel gpt,提示所有数据将被删除,输入yes  //原博客这里写成了pgt,应该是gpt
III. Use ‘mklabel gpt’ to force the disk use gpt, answer yes when the prompt of erasing all data (Caution!!! Be sure you want to erase all data on the disk)

IV. Press ‘CTRL+ALT+F6’ to go back to installation UI

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